Pilanky Classic Plain Colours

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Pilanky Royal Blue
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Pilanky Purple
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Pilanky Hot Pink
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Pilanky Red
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Pilanky Turquoise
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Pilanky Green
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Pilanky Orange
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Pilanky Gold
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Multi-Coloured & Multi-Functional Kids Sleeping Bag

Surprise Your Little Loved One With A Practical Gift They Will Hold Onto For Years!

Let’s be honest – kids are capable of falling asleep ANYWHERE. Whether you’re out shopping for groceries or camping in the woods, it’s important to have a comfortable solution for those little zzz’s. What do you do when your bundle of joy nods off unexpectedly? You pull out your trusty Pilanky, that’s what.

The Pilanky is a fun sleeping bag for kids to use wherever they are, from relaxing at home to naptime at their daycare. This practical sleep solution for toddlers is portable, versatile and completely washable. You don’t need to wash it all at once, as the sheet and blanket are detachable – just wash the pieces which need it.

You can order the Pilanky in a fabric of your choice, with your preferred trim colour and print. We will match the interior colours to the exterior fabric and trim colour choice. Add a special touch (kids can be forgetful) by having us embroider the child’s name onto their Pilanky so they never lose it.

The Pilanky is ideal for use as a Daycare sleeping bag and travelling bed for camping and sleepovers. Kids get very attached to sleeping in their Pilanky and it’s very easy to pack and take anywhere.

These Classic Plain Colours are the standard Pilanky size approximately 145cm in length for kids aged 1-6.