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PILANKY® is the perfect solution for nap time at Daycare Centres and Pre-Schools. To enquire about our bulk order specials, please complete our order form below or contact Happy Jo on  1300 PILANKY (1300 745 265) and we will be in touch as soon as possible!
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Testimonial: Wallum Community Preschool & Family Centre

Wallum Community Preschool & Family Centre 7

We have been using Pilanky’s at our Preschool for over four years.

The Pilanky’s are a wonderful resource in our Preschool.

They are soft, comfortable, practical and easy for children to use independently.

Our children love getting their personalised Pilanky’s with their name embroidered on them upon enrolment. This helps children settle into Preschool.

They are great for Educators; they are light, quick and easy to prepare for rest time, and great for Educators backs, as they is no awkward or low lifting of beds.

Pilanky’s are stored easily, taking up minimal space at Preschool and at families’ homes.

The children love to use their Pilanky’s for camping and sleepovers, when not at Preschool.

Jo’s service is exceptional – fast, reliable and friendly.

I would highly recommend Pilanky’s for any Early Learning service.


Lauren Maguire



Wallum Community Preschool & Family Centre 8

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we live and work.

Wallum Community Preschool & Family Centre 9
Tweed Heads Mumpreneur is a finalist in the national AusMumpreneur Awards 10

Tweed Heads Mumpreneur is a finalist in the national AusMumpreneur Awards

Tweed Heads, 14th August 2018, Johanna Constable, Creator of Pilanky By Happy Jo Designs, is a finalist of the Regional Business AusMumpreneur Awards for her all in one kids travel beds for children aged 1-6. The awards take place in Melbourne on the 30th and 31st of August.

Jo says: “I invented the Pilanky as I realised that parents were losing sheets, blankets and pillows at Daycare. I produced an all-in-one bed with a sheet and blanket attached to mattress and pillow as an easy solution.”

“Interstate and Local Daycare centres who I have supplied the Pilanky to, find it space saving and handy and easy to roll up after rest time.”

Pilanky beds are used at daycare, pre-school, kindy, at sleepovers, camping trips and when travelling on holiday. The beds are easy to carry, roll up, store and parents can be sure that they won’t lose a pillow, sheet or blanket. Kids feel comforted no matter where they sleep as they have their usual bed, pillow, sheets and blankets.

Jo adds: “I found that the Pilanky also offers young children security and comfort in their bed which helps with separation anxiety at Daycare. “

“My future hopes and dreams for the business is to continue the Pilanky’s rapid growth so that the Pilanky can become a ‘household name’ across Australia. I hope that families enjoy the benefits of the Pilanky’s practicality. As practical as the Pilanky is for the parents and carers, feedback shows that it’s also a thrill for the kids to have their own personalised Pilanky which they love sleeping in!”

Johanna has been able to juggle the day-to day running of a business while being there for her daughter’s precious childhood years from home.

Johanna concludes:

“It can be challenging to be a successful business woman whilst raising a family and Johanna gives this advice for others thinking about starting their own enterprise.” Don’t Give Up! I have lived my dream for 9 years and now my business has become so successful. Don’t listen to the ‘Naysayers’! Get a support team and systems together that can help you with growing your business”.

Media Contact: Candice Meisels candice@candicepr.com Tweed Heads Mumpreneur is a finalist in the national AusMumpreneur Awards 11

Helping Childcare Centres & Parents

The PILANKY® is your practical Sleep/Rest Solution!

1. Happy Jo Designs offer wholesale pricing and quantity discounts on the Plain Coloured Pilanky’s to Early Learning Centres.

2. Offer children the best possible rest while they are in your care.

3. Frees up staff as the PILANKY® is easy to roll out and roll up.

4. Alleviates any storage issues a Centre may have with stretcher beds or mats. The PILANKY® is comfortable enough to go straight on the floor.

5. Fits with the Early Years Learning Framework and assists in meeting the National Quality Standards.

6. Adds value and a point of difference for your Centre.

7. Helps position your Centre ahead of your competitors.

8. Builds self esteem and confidence in the children as they learn to roll out and roll up themselves.

9. The PILANKY® is lightweight and easy to carry with one strap handle.

10. 100% washable at your Centre or for parents to take home at the end of the week. The NEW Design of a detachable sheet means you can wash the mattress/pillow, sheet and blanket separately if needed.

11. 100% guarantee on quality.

12. 100% guarantee on service and delivery Australia Wide

Please contact jo@pilanky.com.au for wholesale prices.